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BASIC Stamp: 1 BASIC Stamp Guide W. Durfee, University of Minnesota ver 1.0, oct-02 1. Introduction Overview The BASIC Stamp is the simplest microcontroller to learn about and to

Basic Stamp Guide: stamp stuff jan 2006/stampGuide.pdf
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BASIC Stamp is to increase the timeout values of SERIN since the connection will not be as fast as straight serial. A good value is 500 to 1000 for timeout. 21

I/O Interfacing Issues

In the BASIC Stamp, you can also use the BUTTON command to eliminate switch bounces. BUTTON Pin, DownState, Delay, Rate, Workspace, TargetState, Label

PARALLAX BASIC Stamp Modules and Accessories

are prewired to the BASIC Stamp I/O pins. The board doubles as a carrier board with strip header access to the I/O pins. Features include LEDs,

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The BASIC Stamp can only handle whole integer numbers. Therefore, methods of con-version to integer numbers is necessary depending on your exact needs.
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